Butterfly Valve

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TYPE                       : WAFER OR FULL LUG
BODY                      : DUCTILE IRON
RATING                    : 250 PSI, 300 PSI
APPROVED               : UL/FM

Features of Butterfly Valve
   Butterfly Valve is a valve family of valves called Quarter-turn Valves (or one-quarter angle valve). Butterfly Valve The valve is a circular metal plate attached to the valve stem. When the valve is closed The valve body is rotated to the closed position of the flow of fluid.

   When the valve is open The valve tongue will rotate to one quarter of the circle. (Quarter-turn) to open the way of the fluid with almost no obstruction. Valve may be opened in small increments. To adjust the flow rate The butterfly valve is different from the Ball Valve valve, where the valves are always in the flow. This causes loss of pressure in the flow. The valves are open at any point.
 - Butterfly Valves are widely used in the chemical industry, wastewater and water delivery systems.
 - Butterfly Valves are designed to be fluid, free from contact with moving metal parts of the valve. The valve seat is made of different materials. For use with all types of fluid.
 - Butterfly Valves are very durable and require very little maintenance. Normally, butterfly valves are medium to large (DN40 - DN600).